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BMW X5.- Frequent breakdowns

BMW X5 (E53) automatic with V8 engine 4.4i Symptom  The ZF 5HP24 automatic gearbox does not change ratios 4 and 5.  Two codes are registered:  – 22 gearbox oil temperature sensor,  – 3D gearbox faulty gearbox. Fault The possible causes of the fault are: – The gearbox sensors are defective (inlet and outlet speeds, oil […]

BMW Repair Tips & Advice

To repair a BMW’s mechanical components, such as brake pads or discs, or electronic devices, such as the navigation system, a trained BMW mechanic is required – after all, nobody knows your BMW’s innovative technology better than expert BMW service mechanics. When repairing a BMW, the service center only used original BMW spare parts, which […]

BMW M3 Touring E46

Standing in front of the BMW M3 Touring E46, one of the most difficult-to-understand questions around the history of the M3 becomes even more enigmatic: Why the hell did M GmbH never have the courage to offer a station wagon version? Yes, the arguments are well known and certainly sound: viewed worldwide, the market for performance […]

About BMW

BMW AKA “Bavarian Motor Works” surely belongs to the greatest known automobile retailers in the world also it most likely will continue this way for years and years except if beings interfere with our world. A good deal has already been claimed relating to BMW motor vehicles up to now, quite a few content articles […]